Clinique My Happy. Cocoa & Cashmere Woda Perfumowana 15Ml



Envelop yourself in whimsical, fun-loving visions every time you spray yourself with Clinique My Happy Cocoa & Cashmere. The light-hearted, joyous fragrance opens with notes of sugary Cocoa and Vanilla, blended deliciously with smooth, rich Golden Amber. Images of sweet treats with caramel centres are conjured, allowing you to envision biting into freshly baked goods and bask in the homely cosiness created. Opulent scents of Musk combined with Pink Pepper and Jasmine offer an empowering, confident element to the fragrance, reminding you of the strong, uncompromising individual you truly are. The cocktail of notes is finished with Honeysuckle and Solar Salicylates, adding a delicate elegance to the perfume that is destined to leave a lasting memory with everyone that you meet. Passionate and comforting, the fragrance is the ideal product for somebody with a sweet tooth.


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